practice area White Collar & Qui Tam/ False Claims Act

Matt Hubbell brings decades of experience as an accomplished federal prosecutor and defense attorney to our white collar and Qui Tam/False Claims Act practice, along with a relentless dedication to the protection and defense of our clients. Clients include companies, business owners, CEOs/executives, and employees in a wide variety of white collar and Qui Tam/FCA matters, internal and external investigations, grand jury proceedings, and trials.

Since he tried and won the first federal criminal health care fraud case in South Carolina, Matt has been a leading practitioner, speaker, and writer in the health care fraud arena. He has been involved in many of the most significant civil and criminal health care fraud cases in South Carolina, and has years of experience dealing with the many complex legal and technical issues arising in health care matters implicating the False Claims Act, the Anti-Kickback Statute, the Stark Law, EKRA, and related regulations, sub-regulatory guidance, and Department of Justice policy.

We draw on that deep knowledge and experience to represent clients involved in federal and state matters related to:

  • Health Care Fraud
    • hospitals, doctors, medical device companies, DME, laboratories, pharmacies
  • Defense Contractor Fraud
    • False Claims/Certifications, 8(a)/SDVOSB/WOSB Set-Aside Programs
  • Qui Tam/False Claims Act
    • Investigations and litigation for defendants and whistleblowers
  • Covid Relief Program Fraud
    • Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and Provider Relief Funds (PRF)
  • Environmental Enforcement
    • Clean Water Act/Clean Air Act, South Carolina Pollution Control Act
  • Public Corruption/Campaign Finance
    • Honest Services Fraud, Bribery/Extortion, South Carolina Ethics Act
  • Immigration/Visa Fraud
    • H-1B and Other Visa Programs
  • Tax Offenses
    • False Income Tax Returns, Failure to File Returns
  • Structuring and Money Laundering Offenses
    • Trade-based Money Laundering
  • Securities Fraud
    • federal and state criminal, SEC, South Carolina Securities Division
  • Bank Fraud
    • False Loan Applications, Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) Investigations
  • Customs and Border Protection
    • Duties Enforcement
  • Computer, Wiretap and Intellectual Property Crimes
    • Unauthorized Access, Theft of Trade Secrets

Aggressive government enforcement efforts commonly ensnare many good companies and individuals in both civil and criminal investigations and other enforcement proceedings. We appreciate the reputational and legal risks at stake and strive to achieve a quiet, favorable resolution of those matters through aggressive pre-litigation advocacy on your behalf. However, in matters where litigation is inevitable, we confidently bring many years of high-level courtroom experience in high-profile, complex cases to the fight in protection of your interests.

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